About Us


Our Mission

  • To unite Bahamians, Bahamian Americans and all persons of good will for the purpose of promoting and sharing their cultural heritage, education and social activities, which furthers the interest of the community, directly and indirectly, in the spirit of the American Way.
  • To create programs of a social, cultural, and educational nature designed to benefit the community, particularly our youth and senior citizens.
  • To collect and disseminate information from The Bahamas which will allow our association to serve as a community resource facility for Bahamians and people of our community.
  • To print a newsletter and expand the voice of our association as a mode of communication for our members and our community.
  • To engage in fund-raising programs, as well as solicit donations from the public, corporations, government agencies, etc. to further the programs of the association.

By work


By working together, we hope to demonstrate the positive values of The Bahamas, and America in our community and elsewhere.


On September 17, 1912 a group of ten Bahamian men organized the Nassau Bahamas Association, Inc. The Association was incorporated on July 10, 1939.

The Bahamian American Association, Inc. (BAAI) is an outgrowth of the Nassau Bahamas Association, Inc. BAAI was incorporated on September 23, 2002 to acquire not-for-profit status under 501C3, and to address the present realities of the Bahamian American Community.